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Wooden packaging offers a high level of protection for products of all shapes and sizes. We manufacture all types of wooden cases and pallet bases that can be found protecting products all over the world.

High-quality wooden packaging from experts in design and manufacture.

Wooden packaging can be created to suit the needs of your product range, and can easily be created using sustainable or renewable materials. Cases can be supplied printed or plain, made up or in shook form and include climatic protection/barriers to suit your requirements.

Wooden custom packaging.

Wooden packaging we provide

  • Battened ply cases
  • Pallet bins made to measure
  • Integral cushion fittings
  • Lockable toggles fasteners and hinged lids
  • Cases printed with your logo
  • Custom-made pallet bases
Two wooden packages inside a crate.

Benefits of wooden packaging

  • All our softwood is heat treated in accordance with the ISPM15 regulations (TIMCON).
  • Wide product range, including battened plywood cases and composite cases consisting of corrugated board with pallet base or plywood ends.
  • Multiple design options to suit the requirements of your product.
  • Sustainable and renewable options to reduce carbon impact.
Wooden packaging for scientific equipment.

Our packaging

Why Choose Argolin?

When it comes to providing something reliable, distinctive and, most importantly, functional, we won’t accept anything less than the best for our customers.

We specialise in short-run, just-in-time deliveries from infrequent orders to regular weekly or monthly deliveries ensuring you’re not using valuable storage space, but still hitting your deadlines.

By choosing Argolin to supply and manufacture wooden packaging, you’ll benefit from our experience and quality, as well as make a commitment to use sustainable, renewable packaging that helps our planet.

Sustainable packing.

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