Sustainable Packaging

High value component packaging.
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Play your part, one package at a time. Protect your products, and the planet, with sustainable packaging from Argolin.

Sustainable choices

Many companies want to reduce their carbon footprint – but many aren’t aware of how big an impact can be made by switching to sustainable packaging for shipping your products.

Argolin has helped many customers transition to more sustainable materials for their packaging and reap the rewards, both environmentally but also with associated cost and quality.

Choosing sustainable doesn’t need to be expensive or cause a delivery headache – we make it simple.

Sustainable packing.

Why choose sustainable?

The reduction of plastic usage saves costs and helps companies stick to their carbon quotas without any reduction in the quality of packaging.

Most importantly, we believe that companies can take simple steps to impact their carbon output that in turn helps this generation and the next with the challenge of climate change.

We partner with a selection of suppliers that offer materials from sustainable, renewable sources that can be optimised for your requirements, for both short-run or continuous production.

High value component packaging.

Sustainable products

Argolin – your partner in sustainability

We design, prototype and deliver sustainable packaging for projects big and small, often producing prototypes within only a week of contact.

Specialising in short-run, just-in-time deliveries from infrequent orders to regular weekly or monthly deliveries, we prove that choosing sustainable packaging doesn’t need to cost you time or money.

We’ve helped countless companies cut their carbon footprint and help our planet, without them lifting a finger.

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