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Creating inimitable packaging that is fully bespoke and optimised for your product, guaranteed to offer the best protection.

Packaging design done right

We understand the problems facing organisations that ship large quantities or specialist products. Instead of worrying about damage or facing the risk of lost revenue as a result, it’s important you get the right support at this critical stage of your product’s lifecycle.

Our team deliver intricate, tailored designs that are specifically intended to offer the best protection in transit, and upon delivery, but in a way that saves costs on delivery and helps reduce your carbon footprint too.

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How it works

Firstly, our team will work with you to discover your needs. We get to work on building a prototype and can often have an example model sent back to customers in just seven days.

In-house design experts ensure all your storage and packaging solutions are made to protect your item using minimal materials, and maximum cushioning.

Once we’ve built the perfect design, we will quickly get to the manufacturing stage before sending it out for delivery. Your product can then be sent to your customers without you having to fear damage or impractical delivery processes and costs.

Why Argolin?

Over our 45-year history, we’ve helped customers utilise the latest technology and materials to consistently deliver the highest level of quality in their packaging. From initial design to delivery, our team are committed to customer service with every project they undertake.

This isn’t just packaging – it’s an essential element of your product. And just like your product is integral to your success, so is ours. We won’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to delivering something reliable, unique and fit for purpose.

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