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Protective packaging.
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The best products deserve the best packaging. We help our customers protect their high-value products during transit, eliminating the risk of damage and ensuring a stress-free ordering and delivery process.

Prioritise protection

Damage during transport is not only costly but can impact your business’ reputation too. Our protective packaging is designed to deliver your products in perfect condition, just as your customer expects.

Using a wide range of cushioning materials, Argolin ensures impact and shock protection as well as anti-static foams to ensure protection from climatic hazards. We also offer a variety of densities of polyurethane and polyethylene foams that are chosen specifically for your product.

By choosing Argolin protective packaging, customers are able to save space and reduce costs, without sacrificing protection.

High-value component packaging.

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Why use Argolin?

Our customers understand the importance of protective packaging in keeping their products safe. We design, prototype and deliver protective packaging for projects big and small, often producing prototypes within only a week of contact.

We specialise in short-run, just-in-time deliveries from infrequent orders to regular weekly or monthly deliveries ensuring you’re not using valuable storage space, but still hitting your deadlines.

Designs can be tailored for multiple products, but will always deliver unrivalled protection and sustainability whenever possible.

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