Sustainable packing.

Taking care of our planet is essential. We’re playing our part.

Since Argolin was established, we have continually adapted and evolved.

Our processes and products we use have changed too. We’re proud to partner with sustainable suppliers that prioritise protecting the planet, and we pass those environmental benefits on to our customers too.

Argolin uses recycled, recyclable, renewable and biodegradable materials within our packaging, meaning customers can rest assured knowing their bespoke package isn’t costing the earth.

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Here is how we prioritise sustainability at Argolin

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We recycle 100% of all cardboard off cuts and production waste

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All our office waste is sorted and recycled

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100% of our urethane foam offcut and production waste is baled and recycled

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100% of all polythene bags and wrappings are baled and recycled

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We have reduced our energy bill by 25% by installing smart LED lighting throughout or production facility

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We monitor and measure all our energy and water consumption

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We set annual targets and objectives to further reduce our carbon footprint

Sustainable solutions

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint starts with the packaging design, by using minimal materials and designing to our raw material sheet sizes. This reduces unnecessary production waste as well as our energy consumption throughout our production processes and facility.

We also have reduced our carbon footprint through our ISO14001 accreditation, and we continually monitor our energy consumption with targets to reduce it. Finally, we monitor our waste and recycling outputs, and we know that every little helps.

sustainable packaging solutions

Ways of reducing your carbon footprint

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We ensure by designing your pack to use minimal material without impacting the performance we can help reduce your transport costs

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Through clever design, we ensure little waste during the production process

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Our packaging designs ensure your product is protected and therefore your goods are not damaged in transit

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Just in time and smaller order quantities reduces energy costs and the need for extra storage

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We have a maintenance programme to ensure our production and transport fleet are operating efficiently

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