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Reusable cardboard packaging.
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Reduce your carbon footprint and improve your customer experience by choosing high-quality, reusable packaging.

Why consider reusable

You’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint but you aren’t sure how. We’ve got the answer.

Multi-trip, reusable and service retainable packaging is a perfect way of helping your business play a positive role in protecting the environment. It is also a great way of ensuring your customer retains packaging for future service and repair.

Outer containers can be manufactured in corrugated board, battened plywood cases or corrugated plastic depending on your need – and our team will discuss the best options for your business when you enter the design stage.

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How it works

During the design process, we will ensure an easy closure system such as toggle fasteners on wooden cases or lock-in tabs on cardboard boxes. We can design foam inserts to suit a kit of components displayed inside a hinged plastic or aluminium flight case which can be printed with your logo.

We can design and manufacture foam tray inserts for plastic storage/transport boxes to ensure your components are protected during the manufacturing process.

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The benefits of reusable

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Reduction of carbon footprint

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Multiple material options available

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Ensure customer package retention

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Reusable packaging products

Why Argolin?

We design, prototype and deliver reusable packaging for businesses all over the world. In many cases, we offer prototypes to customers within only a week of first contact.

Specialising in short-run, just-in-time deliveries from infrequent orders to regular weekly or monthly deliveries, using Argolin for reusable packaging can save you money and avoid the need for pre-ordering in bulk.

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