Specialist Engineering Packaging

Argolin understand the rigorous nature of this environment and the need to produce packaging solutions that can survive it. We can design and manufacture heavy duty performance boxes, crates and packaging solutions for any industrial application.

Bespoke Medical Packaging

Argolin’s expertise results in solutions that meet the medical industry’s requirements for boxes and packaging that is capable of protecting the most delicate instrumentation.

Specialist Scientific Packaging

Scientific packaging solutions require paramount protection. For this reason Argolin provides a range of options to ensure that products are fully safeguarded within the handling/shipping environment from impact and moisture ingress.

Custom Avionics Packaging

Argolin offers packaging solutions designed to protect delicate components. Anti shock and climatic control packaging solutions ensure your product withstands the rigors of transportation.

Specialist Marine Packaging

Argolin provides innovative and cost effective packaging solutions that ensure the safe delivery of marine parts and equipment.

Tailored Automotive Packaging

Argolin provides innovative packaging solutions for automotive parts and materials which can be highly vulnerable to damage during transit and handling.

Specialist Electronic packaging

Impact protection, static protection and climate protection come as standard with Argolin packaging solutions for the electronics industry.

Specialist packaging for Audio and Visual products

When transporting expensive speakers or interactive touch screens total protection is required. Our range of impact protection products ensure that your kit arrives in perfect condition.

Specialist IT Packaging

We have readily available packaging solutions for the IT industry designed to ensure maximum protection for motherboards, hard drives and all computer peripherals.