Environmental Policy Statement


Argolin Ltd is committed to:-

• an ongoing programme of environmental and ecological responsibility.
This includes improvement and prevention of pollution and to comply with all applicable local, national and international standards and relevant legislation.

• monitor, evaluate and update its procedures and processes in line with policies, objectives and targets which are designed to meet the ISO 14001 standard


Information and Communication

• Our staff have access to and are trained in the company’s environmental procedures and processes

• Encourage suppliers, contractors and customers to increase their environmental friendly practices

• This policy statement is available to the public upon request.



• We recommend the use of renewable in preference to non-renewable resources.

• We are economical of any resources used, whether renewable or otherwise, in order to ensure the least damaging impact on the environment.


Listed below are details of recycled materials we use in our conversion processes:-
Corrugated Fibreboard

• 100% recyclable, currently using up to 50% recycled material

• Argolin Ltd minimises waste which is compacted and returned to the mill for recycling into pulp

Expanded Polyurethane Foam (Sheet and Profile)

• 100% recyclable, commonly reduced to crumbs and used in the manufacture of reconstituted “chipfoam” or cavity wall insulation.

• No ‘CFC’s or HCFC’s’ are used in the manufacture

Expanded Polyethylene (Jiffycel) Foam

• 100% recyclable, currently using up to 30% recycled material

• No ‘CFC’s or HCFC’s’ are used in the manufacture


• We currently use only adhesives that are water soluble PVA emulsions
or recyclable hot melt glues