With over fifty years experience in the design and manufacture of industrial packaging, crates, boxes and cases.

Using the latest in CAD development software, we are able to design an effective solution and together with a sample table, we can produce and test an accurate representation of the pack.

Before we start designing your box we need to know as much as possible, for instance, your company’s market place and the range of your products, your packing and dispatch capability and storage, the type of transport used and the type of customer you sell to. We need to know what your customers’ needs and expectations are as designing a box or pack that your customers cannot handle is pointless.

When we have as much general information as possible, we examine your products, their shape, size, weight and fragility, the proposed production quantity, units per pack, the target price and delivery frequency. We then compile a packaging specification for your approval.

Wherever possible we use computers to design and make prototypes working either from your product or drawings. We make prototypes of the pack to check the fit and for drop testing purposes. Much of the basic work can be taken from our design library and tailored to suit your product.

You are welcome to visit us during this process, as your input is essential. It is quite normal for a customer to visit us in the morning with a space model of his product and to leave two or three hours later with a prototype pack fully tested and quoted.
We can assess the fragility of your products and design the packs to give the correct amount of protection in the most economic manner. We take into consideration environmental legislation and supply the information required for compliance with packaging regulations.

Drop Test

The prototype pack can be drop tested from the desired drop height, recordings are made of the peak ‘g’ levels to provide a permanent record. Portable equipment allows the test to be conducted at your premises.

These tests are conducted free of charge and include a comprehensive report with colour photographs.